Vision and Values

Carlton Mills is an Ofsted rated Good school with an Outstanding Early Years Foundation Stage. We gained the World Class School quality Mark in 2023 and are striving to achieve the Carlton academy Trust mission statement of ‘Excellence for all’. We serve a wonderful, diverse community in the Manningham area of Bradford. Our parents and carers are highly involved with the school community and are welcomed in regularly  to be part of their child’s learning journey through coffee mornings, parent/carer classes and Fabulous Finish events. Our new curriculum is inspirational and follows our ‘Real People, Real Places, Real Learning’ agenda to raise the cultural capital for our children, bring learning to life and elevate aspirations. We ensure links to the local community/businesses and facilities to ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced and guarantees that our children have high aspirations within and beyond the society in which they live.

Our Carlton 5 Values are at the heart of everything we do in school. We want every child to reach their potential by becoming astute individual both academically and personally, who are able to withstand difficult situations, handle adversity, and remain productive and capable throughout.

Our vision for our children is to ensure that they all have the best start in life. We want to ensure ‘Excellence For All’ and are determined in our mission to ensure all our pupils leave having made the best of their one chance at primary education. Our subject intents and implementation clearly define how this will be achieved through our detailed curriculum offer ensuring well spaced learning opportunities adapted to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners.

We have a trauma informed, inclusive culture of learning in which we have high expectations of all children that enables them to achieve through challenge and both pastoral and academic support whatever their starting points or attainment. Our School Council, Carlton Care Club and Junior Fitness team play a highly positive role in creating our school environment. Bullying, harassment and violence are never tolerated and all children have signed a pledge to ensure ‘Zero Discrimination Every Day’ at Carlton Mills.

All children are sorted into Teams when they start at Carlton Mills Primary. These include:

In their teams, commonalities are identified and celebrated, difference is valued and nurtured and all children come together to reach a common goal each week, which is celebrated in assembly.

Attendance is of extremely high priority. We believe at Carlton Mills that children only get one chance at primary education. Therefore ever day counts and good attendance is actively encouraged. Poor attendance is rigorously challenged on an individual basis.

Visits to our wonderful school are strongly encouraged so that you can see the rapid changes and improvements that are taking place as well as giving you a taste of the ethos and friendly attitudes of staff and children. These can be arrange by contacting the office.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Mrs McDonald

Head of School

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